Double deck trailers offer the single most effective means to rationalise road transport costs and reduce carbon emissions. An increasing number of companies are turning to double decking to improve transport efficiencies.

A typical double decker carries 50% to 100% more goods than a single deck vehicle – every 3 double deckers on the road can replace 5 to 6 single deck vehicles (saving up to 50% on transport costs).

But, in 2011, double deck trailers made up just 3.5% of the total number of 44-tonne vehicles on the UK’s roads*, while an estimated 30% or more of ‘double-deckable’ products are transported under volume.**

Transdek envisions a future where at least 20% of UK and European road freight utilises double deck trailers – from primary distribution to urban deliveries.

We provide bespoke end-to-end double deck solutions to overcome many of the complexities of implementing double deck operations, making double decking a reality for a growing number of transport operators.

* Source: DfT CSRGT, 2010
** Source: DfT Road Freight Statistics, 2010

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Double Deck Potential