For operators transporting products to, from or within continental Europe, the DUET Euro offers a robust, high-quality, cost effective solution for increasing load volume by 54% to 63% relative to conventional single deckers.

Compared to conventional European-type double deck trailers, the DUET Euro offers a number of key benefits for operators running within continental Europe - or on height-restricted operations in the UK.

As well as accommodating the 4-metre continental height restriction, the DUET Euro's streamlined, lightweight construction maximises payload capacity to compensate for the 40-tonne mgw limit on trans-continental routes.

Transdek's unique Twin Slide door and taillift configurations reduce vehicle tare weight, as well as cutting unit cost.

Loading via Transdek's Euro-compatible range of double deck lifts offers the ultimate in handling speed, efficiency and safety for European double deckers.

European Double Deck Trailer