Fixed double deckers generally offer a better high-cube transport solution than powered double decking systems (with a hydraulically-lifting second deck).

On the face of it, powered double deckers represent a simpler, more self-contained option – they can be loaded and unloaded from bays with an extended dock leveller and high-bay dock shelter.

In practice, though, their benefits are outweighed by:

  •  Reliability – operators typically report 10-25% of trailers VOR (off the road) at any time,
     mainly due to hydraulics issues
  •  Weight – onboard hydraulics add up to 3-5 tonnes to the tare weight, reducing payload
     capacity and running efficiency
  •  Cost – even a basic lifting deck adds at least £20k to unit vehicle cost

Fixed double deckers offer a reliable, lightweight, cost effective alternative. Which is why a growing number of operators are turning to fixed double deck trailers to improve their fleet efficiencies.


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