Transdek’s double deck trailers are bespoke designed to provide maximum volumetric and weight capacities, the most efficient double deck operations, and the fastest possible returns.

The DUET range of double deck trailers offers savings of up to 50% on transport costs and emissions – based on volumetric increases of up to 100%.

All of our double deck trailers incorporate a fixed second deck, offering our customers high-level reliability and payload availability, compared to vehicles with hydraulically powered second decks.

Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2008-certified quality management standards, and in compliance with all relevant UK and EU regulations, our double deck trailer range is engineered to give a lifetime of robust, reliable operation.

Developed specifically to meet the needs of a diverse range of manufacturing and retail sectors, Transdek’s DUET range of box van and temperature-controlled double deck trailers is truly driving the evolution of high-cube transport.

Double Deck Trailer Overview
Transdek Double Deck Trailers
Transdek Double Deck Trailers