Fitted with Transdek’s unique Twin Slide rear doors, and built to the highest quality standards, Transdek’s range of stepframe double deckers offer customers exceptional reliability for high-cube primary and secondary distribution.

Alongside the DUET Wedge, the DUET Step range allows for maximum volume carriage of height restricted and/or denser product mixes. It is also ideally suited to servicing sites with tighter height and/or volume restrictions than the Wedge trailer.

With overall trailer heights ranging from 4481mm to 4950mm for standard stepframes, ultra low height wheelbox-type chasses can also be used to achieve maximum load volume capacity - for lightweight/ tall product mixes, e.g. hanging garments, furniture, parcels, etc

Taillift options are available for customer’s un/loading at flat-floor sites. This allows a high level of flexibility for operators delivering to retail sites.

Stepframe Double Deck Trailer