Transdek’s unique Twin Slide door configuration* has been developed specifically to support optimal double deck operations. Designed as a replacement for conventional barn and shutter door types, the Twin Slide door offers a range of innovative features and benefits.

The finger-light, counterweighted composite-panel doors slide independently in slimline vertical columns set in to the rearframe, offering a quick and easy open-close system. Simple, robust mechanisms provide a high-level of operating reliability.

Key advantages include:

 Streamline Vehicle
Gains 200mm extra roof space compared to shutter doors, enabling an efficient, low-height vehicle design
 Safer Docking Doors are opened after docking - avoids the safety hazard of drivers opening doors in busy yards pre-docking
 Safer Kerbside
Avoids the outswing of barn doors - that poses a hazard to passing pedestrians, cyclists and traffic at the kerbside
 Anti-theft Security Kerbside - doors shut between unloading; only one door open at a time
DC loading - doors only opened once trailer sealed on dock
 Thermal Efficiency Only one deck open at a time

* Int pat app

Twin Slide Double Deck Doors