For double decking to achieve maximum penetration will require increasing levels of both intra- and inter-company consolidation.

The past years have seen a resurgence of interest in urban consolidation centres, with a growing number appearing in the UK either as city council-led initiatives or single-company projects.

Transdek has worked with a number of prominent retailers to develop the concept of smaller ‘mini hubs’ that can act as urban cross-docking centres – enabling high-cube double deck trunking in to urban areas, with onward transport to local stores via a dedicated urban delivery fleet.

These mini hubs can either be purpose built, part of a shared-user facility, established at large out-of-town stores or DC’s. The optimal format depends on each company’s operations and each individual case.

Whether converting existing warehousing facilities or building new cross-docking centres,
Transdek supplies the project management and products to ensure optimal systems
tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.
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Urban Consolidation Centres