Transdek’s DUET Urban double deck trailer carries up to 100% extra load compared to conventional rigids. For city centre deliveries, this offers the potential to halve delivery frequencies, cutting costs, emissions and congestion by up to 50%.

Tandem stub axles and Tridec LV-O suspension allow for an ultra low floor height, keeping overall trailer height to a minimum for optimal access in to tight urban areas.

Carrying up to 29 pallets or 54 rollcages (830mm x 750mm), Transdek’s urban double decker still offers a tighter turning circle and improved manoeuvrability compared to a standard rigid.

A specially adapted column taillift, with a unique hydraulic configuration, enables safe un/loading at the kerbside or service yards.

The DUET Urban’s artic combination - instead of the conventional rigid model of urban freight transport - means the tractor unit can keep working 24/7, avoiding down-time during loading at the DC.
Urban Double Deck Trailer