Transdek’s innovative adaptation of the sloping chassis, or wedge, trailer offers a rear-loading double deck box van with a 52-pallet footprint capacity - 100% more than a standard single decker.

Compared to 13.6-metre stepframe double deck trailers, this creates up to 8 additional pallet footprint spaces - 18% extra load volume for the ultimate in rear-loading volumetric trunking.

The DUET Wedge offers the potential to cut single deck delivery frequencies (and costs) by up to 50%.

The trailer’s unique, patent applied chassis/body design allows for a full deck run-through of pallets or rollcages up to 1796mm in height.

Designed for compatibility with standard UK tractor units, the DUET Wedge has an ultra slimline floor construction - with 76mm over the neck - along with optional aluminium second deck, to allow maximum internal floor height availability.

Wedge Double Deck Trailer